Event Announcement for Tuesday, November 20th: Save your flood-damaged photos


If your photos were damaged during the storm, we have a solution!

Rockaway Help has partnered with CARE for Sandy. CARE stands for Cherished Albums Restoration Effort. The group offers free digital restoration services for photos damaged in the storm. They are operating in partnership with GoPreserve.

CARE for Sandy founder, Lee Kelly, explains, “cars, homes and jobs are replaceable, images of mom & dad’s honeymoon, baby’s first steps and great great grandpa’s sole surviving portrait are priceless.”

WHEN: Tuesday November 20th from 10 am – 5 pm

WHERE: St. Francis De Sales Parish, 129-16 Rockaway Beach Blvd, inside the warming tent in the schoolyard

Some notes on how to prep for the event and what to expect:

- Only photographic prints. No transparencies at this time.

- Up to 100 FREE scans per individual/immediate family. If lines are long and we do not get to you in time to scan your prints we will bring your originals back to GoPreserve’s Dumbo location to complete your archival. Arrangements will be made to return any remaining originals back to St Francis en masse at a later date.

- If you have many, many more scans (no limit on numbers), GoPreserve has generously offered to slash its already affordable rates in half (50%) off any additional scans as well as DVD transfers.

- You may bring VHS and camcorder tapes if undamaged for DVD transfer. If damaged, consult sandy@serendigital (ask for Martin) for advice on how to proceed.

- If possible, bring a pen to fill out registration forms.

- Make sure your photos are separated, dry and as clean as possible. Wet images cannot be scanned. Dirty images will compromise clean scanning beds/other photos. See instructions below for cleaning tips.

- Designate your one “Most Cherished” photo. This will receive an identifying symbol in our galleries so that retouchers know which photos are likely to matter most.

-Designate your top 5 photos, including your “Most Cherished” photo. Place these on top of your stack.

- After we’ve scanned your images we’ll need 24-48 hours to label, crop, size, archive an upload them to Dropbox. They will then be uploaded to www.careforsandy.org/albums for restoration specialists to choose from to repair.

- Timing will depend on a variety of factors: how many submissions are received, how many step forward to volunteer and the severity of a given photo’s damage. Once scanned, chosen and formally assigned, CARE for Sandy is asking all volunteers to commit to ship shapin’ each selection within 3 months.

- You will be notified by by e-mail once a volunteer has completed your photo’s restoration. You will receive a compressed digital file (.jpg) of your image by way of e-mail attachment -or- Dropbox gallery, at this time. If you’ve submitted more than one photo, each will arrive separately — pending completion.

- Please note, if you are not ready for this, it’s okay. www.careforsandy.org plans to offer its services for at least one year!

- We will never cite your name nor share your Sandy story unless you provide permission upon registration. We do ask for permission to share your images + found locations online, to help promote our cause.

- Remove as much debris as possible from your photos. Doing so may literally save hours of Photoshop time, and will keep our scanners clean for other photos.

—SAND: use a light finger touch to carefully brush away. Be extra gentle around faces

—DIRT: Buy an inexpensive ($3.50) pack of children’s paintbrushes by a brand such as Crayola (sold at most drugstores) to gently remove visibly loose material.

—ASH: Use a paintbrush to loosen. If raised flecks appear to be free enough, use a gentle fingernail to flick them off.

—MOLD: Leave it alone. It is likely deeply embedded, and may already have eaten into the emulsion.

—OVERALL: Buy an $8 air compressor/gas duster (used to clean computer keyboards). Attach the straw it comes with. Test the pressure on a piece of paper to expel excess captured moisture. Apply the compressor/straw a few inches from the photo to remove any extraneous fibers or surface flaws.

—When in doubt, leave imperfections alone. Do not scrub or use force. Gentle, gentle, gentle…

For more info, check out CareforSandy.org.


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